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God I miss love

Dec. 22nd, 2005 | 11:28 pm

Well I think I have fallen and it’s bad. I really want to date this girl and its ridicules bad. She has a boyfriend and he is the only thing stopping me right now. This is like the story of my life. The girl I like has a boyfriend so I start to spend time with that girl just as a friend and then the girl dumps the boyfriend but then im stuck in this whole “Just friends” thing. Its crap and im tiered of it. I have not had a girlfriend in like a year and im going to be brutally honest, I miss the crazy make out sessions, and I miss the fact that I can’t be romantic to a girl because her boyfriend will freak out if he finds out. I miss talking until the early horse of the morning and being tired because you didn’t get any sleep. But it’s ok because when you see her face you know it was worth it. I miss being held, I miss putting my arm around the girl I love in the movie theater and her head resting on me. I miss falling asleep in her arms and her in mine, I see everyone around me relishing in it and I have keep my feelings pent up until I have this feeling in my stomach like im about to die. God I miss love.

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(no subject)

Mar. 29th, 2005 | 10:14 pm
mood: contentcontent
music: The Devils Wall (Opera)

so today was a good day i had a lot of fun and i dont know why. it was intresting because i pushed really hard all day. first i got up at about 8:45am (and no i dont have a late start.) went to choir then went to lunch and then i had drama. drama was really cool today because i found out what im doing for the next 7-8 weeks. IM WRIGHTING MY FREEKING PLAY!!! that is so cool to me anyway. i get to wright about anything i want and that will be fun. then i had goverment. god i hate that class. nothing wrong with the teacher but i hate the subject. for some ood reson i just dont find the whole prosses of eletions intresting. owell, and to night i just found out that i have a date for prom. thats always nice. but yea i was thinking of puting my hair back but i dont know if i will do it. it would be wirid. well i got to go so ill talk to evry one later, bye.

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(no subject)

Mar. 17th, 2005 | 09:42 pm

Well it is finally hear spring break. I for one need the sleep, and the time to relax. So what are everyone’s plains for the week?

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(no subject)

Feb. 20th, 2005 | 10:59 pm

well tonight i went to go see a concert put on by PSU. it was really really good it was basically opera but for the people that know me i loved it.

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(no subject)

Jan. 30th, 2005 | 05:39 pm

HAPPY BIRTH DAY TO ME!!!!!! i am now 17 years old

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(no subject)

Jan. 21st, 2005 | 10:31 pm

well today was fun i slept, and slept, and then i slept some more. now i am watching this B-rate movie. it is so funny, it only has one real actor in it and the rest are so bad that, like i said it funny now i must go because my Girlfriend is on the phone.

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some what of a better day.. until i woke up

Jan. 19th, 2005 | 07:35 pm
mood: blahblah
music: Aerosmith- Dream On

Well today was a better day, I was a sleep threw it. It was all good until I woke up and I had to interact with my dad. Since then I have had to hear how much money he owed, how he felt so bad for being separated from my mom and, how I was not doing well in school, and to top it all off I got sick this week my dad is wondering if its mono, I really don’t think so (and deeply hope not) but you never know. But as I hear my dad talk, and talk, and talk I come to the conclusion that I truly don’t care, but I don’t tell him that because he would just get upset and start talking more and no one wants that. It is so funny, my dad bitches about never having money then I say after wrestling I should go out and get a job. He just looks at me like I had just said the unthinkable. He acts like it’s this world altering thing that only rich people do and someone like me should never think of doing such a thing. I look at it this way; if I get a job I can have some extra money just for spending and I would not have to ask him for as much money all the time. Then there is dam Scout thing. He is a big time Scout person and he wants me to be one to. And I m not it’s just that simple. I mean I like it and I like the people but this spending all my free time in it is just not going to happen. The reason I brought that up was because he wants me to go work at Scout camp. That would be my whole summer down the drain. Sheer I get paid but it’s like $50 a week but why would do that if I could go to work someplace else making $75 to $80 a week? I just dose not make sense to me. O well, thank heaven for a place to rant and complain to.

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The Worst Day That I Have Ever Had

Jan. 17th, 2005 | 11:19 pm
mood: pissed offpissed off

Well today was the worst day that I have ever had and more then likely will ever have. First I had to deal with my friend matt and his constant biching and moaning . Then I had wrestling. There is nothing wrong with the sport but the people on the team do nothing but bitch, and bitch, and then they bitch some more. Like this kid named Adam, he doses nothing but complain that we have to roll the mats up. I mean it has to be done so what’s the point of complaining about it. So during his complaining he just sits around ordering the team around. He thinks he is so special, in all honesty I think that he thinks that he is god’s gift to the human kind. Then I had to go shoot a movie with some people in my class. Yeah that went well. First we spent like 20 min. just trying to figure out where we where going to start. Then we have to deal with the mother and father. If anything they where pissed off at us the whole time. They kept screwing up shoots and everything. Then I came home and I get this message from my mother telling me that we need to talk. So I call her and somebody let slip that I down right hate the bitch. So we exchange some very, very, very angry words with each other then I just can’t take it anymore and I hang up the phone. Then its time for me to balance out the cheek book and all the money stuff for my house hold because my dad is working 90 hours a week just to try to pay off his bills which comes to a grand total of about $1500 a month. When we only make about $1200 a month. So it is now up to me to decide was bills don’t get paid this month. I don’t what to decide this crap. I mean im only 16 years old, my worries should consist of how I look, how my grads are, if im going to get a job or not. But what is it? It weather or not I am homeless of not tomorrow. Weather or not I need to start wearing my coat because I can’t pay the heat bill. Then to top it all off, my dad deiced that he wants to get a better computer. And im like all for that because the thing I have now is a piece of shit. So we are looking and we find the perfect one it comes to a price of $1045. We press the button to apply for the credit and what do my eyes see? A big fat NO! It said it was not comfortable with giving us the credit because it was over $1000. I got fucked over by $45. Then he says it will be about a year until we try that again. Then I let my personal problems bleed over into my relationship with my girlfriend. I mean it’s not her fault that my day was the worst day that I have ever had. I feel so bad, and I never feel bad. This day just sucked.

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My Character info for og_notes

Jan. 10th, 2005 | 08:13 am

Characters name: Keyon Gabriel Radcliff
male or female: male
character you wish to be: my own
lj username? Musicks_Keeper

(add this for new characters)
Age of character: 17
Height: 5 Feet 10 Inches 
Weight: 175 LB
Eyes: Green
Hair length: Mid shoulders, mostly in a pony-Tail
Hair color: Black
Personal items: Father Durwin's golden cross for when he left the
church, he wares it under his cloths all the time
Looks: he has chiseled fetchers that seemed to be carved out of stone,
but when he sings he seems warm and sensitive. He is muscular but mot
to much. He has some scars on his back from when the priests had found
him sneaking out for his music lessons.

Personality: Keyon is a young man that is just starting to come into
the world of the conservatory. He really doses not know what to expect
from The Opera House. But Keyon dose his best to act like this is
nothing new and he usually secedes. Some times however he lets out the
ah and wonder of the whole thing.

Relationship to Opera House: Recommended to maestro by Mame Jammes. 

History: Keyon was born in London, England in the year (Blank). But
his parents decided that Keyon would be better off with someone else.
So just after the first week of being born he was dropped of at the
local church. Father Durwin became Keyons father from that time forth.
As he was raised in the church Keyon sang in the boy's choir for most
of his life. No one even gave it a seconded thought. Until keyon was
at the age of 10 and Father Durwin heard the boy singing in his camber
before bed. Father Durwin was amazed at the control over the voice and
at the power behind it at such a young age. Knowing that the other
priests would make the boy stop singing because it was not giving
glory to god, and they shunned the entertainer's lifestyle. He started
sneaking keyon out of the church so that he could receive lessons.
Keyon secretly took lessons for the next fore years of his life three
to fore times a week. Soon the other priests began to see that Keyon
was not attending his scripter classes and began to demand ware he was
from Father Durwin. Finally when keyon was 15 Father Durwin told the
congregation what he was doing. The church was deeply furies with
Father Durwin and Keyon. From that time on Keyon was forbidden to sing
expert in the boy's choir. But Keyon would hear none of it he found
excuses to go to his lessons for the next two years. Then when Keyon
had his 17th birthday Father Durwin arranged for the boy to give a
concert for the public. After he preformed his concert he tried to
find Father Durwin. He finally found Father Durwin talking to a woman
that went by the name of Mame Jammes. Mame Jammes was insistent that
Keyon come back to Paris with her so he could be apart of The Opera
House. Father Durwin talked with keyon and gave him the choice.
Needless to say Keyon jumped at the opportunity and he was off to
Paris. That is what brings use to this point of time, to the point of
no return.

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